Sobre La Palabra (Calvo traducción)

This is a translation of: De Verbo, by Emanuel Swedenborg

The original work was not published by its author.

Translated into Español by Douglas Calvo


This is a pre-cursor draft of "The Sacred Scripture". It outlines the way that the Divine communicates with us in the Word via its inner meaning.

About this translation:

Este es un borrador del pre-curso de "La Sagrada Escritura". Esboza la forma en que el Señor se comunica con nosotros en la Palabra a través de su significado interior.

Created or translated by: Douglas Calvo

Date of creation: 2015

Credit: Many thanks to the Heavenly Doctrines Publishing Foundation for the rights to use this translation here.

Copyright: Heavenly Doctrines Publishing Foundation

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License: Used with permission - see terms

About: This work was translated into Spanish from Latin.

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Sobre La Palabra. [Written in 1762, not published by the author.] Translated by Douglas Calvo. Retrieved from: