Miracles and Signs #1

By Emanuel Swedenborg
/ 18  


THERE are many who assert that no one can speak with those in the other life, and bring back news thence. But this is said because they do not believe in a life after death, nor in the resuscitation of the dead; and yet they have learned that in ancient times it was quite a common thing to talk with spirits and angels. Others assert that there is no need for anything further to come down from heaven, because all things necessary for salvation have been revealed in the Word, and that further revelations are not to be expected. But they say this simply in order that each may retain his own particular dogma, just as those do who hold some heresy, which they confirm from the literal sense of the Word. The Word is indeed the sole source of teaching, but in its internal sense which is now being revealed, in which are the truths of faith. Others, again, argue in this fashion: 'Who can know the truth on such matters? There are no revelations of things to come, no hidden things revealed, no miracles performed. Were there such things we would believe.' It is well known, however, that in these days there is no likelihood of such happenings: this has also been foretold, for the reasons now to be given.

/ 18  

Thanks to the Swedenborg Society for the permission to use this translation.