Index - Angelic Wisdom Concerning Marriage - 2 #1

By Emanuel Swedenborg
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ANGEL (Angelus).

No angel was created an angel; but angels were all born men (23 1 [Conjugial Love 30, 31]). (See MAN.)


1. [NCBSP: Swedenborg compiled a two-part index to a manuscript that he wrote, probably as a draft for his published work, "De Amore Conjugialis", which has been translated "Conjugial Love", or "Marriage Love". That manuscript has not been found, but the two parts of the index exist, and they have been translated from Latin into English by John Whitehead. Swedenborg numbered the short paragraphs in his manuscript, some 2050 in all. These paragraphs are referred to in the index, as, for example (75). John Whitehead's edition added references to the published paragraphs in "Conjugial Love" whose text is most closely related to the topics in the index. This and the following sections form part 2 of 2 of Index to "Angelic Wisdom Concerning Marriage".]

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