Index - Angelic Wisdom about Marriage - 2 #0

By Emanuel Swedenborg
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Title Page of the printed text in Posthumous Theological Works Volume Two.

Indexes to "the missing treatise" Angelic Wisdom Concerning Marriage

Compiled but not published by Swedenborg himself.

Translated by John Whitehead, from the Latin Text transcribed and edited by Samuel H. Worcester from the photolithographs of these two indexes.

First published in 1914 by the American Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society, 3 West Twenty-ninth Street, New York, as part of the Second Volume of Posthumous Theological Works by Emanuel Swedenborg.

[Later scanned by the Stairs Project, Academy of the New Church Theological School, and now reformatted and edited by the Heavenly Doctrine Publishing Foundation.]

[Although this file contains the shorter and more detailed Index, the following prefacee is for both Indexes.]

[%2] The following "Editor's Note" is found as a preface to the two Indexes published in 1914:

"The two indexes which follow belong to a work usually referred to as "the Missing Treatise on Conjugial Love." The manuscript of this work has not been found. It was probably the first draft of the work Conjugial Love, published by Swedenborg. There were about 2050 short paragraphs. It was divided into two parts, with sixteen chapters in the first part, and ten chapters in the second part. The subjects and wording of the indexes closely agree with those in the work Conjugial Love.

"The Latin text prepared from the Photolithograph Manuscripts by Dr. Samuel Howard Worcester has been compared with these Photolithograph Manuscripts, and a number of corrections have been made. The changes are noted in the critical notes. We desire to acknowledge our indebtedness to the Rev. Alfred Action for a list of corrections of the Latin text of these indexes, …

"Some references to paragraphs in the indexes do not agree; but as the original work is not extant, we have retained the figures as they are given in the original manuscript.

"John Whitehead, Editor and Translator."

[%3] Preface to the electronic text of The Two Indexes to the Missing Treatise on Angelic Wisdom concerning Marriage published by the Heavenly Doctrine Publishing Foundation.

Using the scans made in the Stairs Project, sponsored by the Academy of the New Church Theological School, the Heavenly Doctrine Publishing Foundation (HDPF) has taken the translation and notes by John Whitehead and put them into a format that matches the Latin text (which the HDPF scanned earlier) so that the English and the Latin can be displayed side by side, together with the original manuscripts. Please see the Preface to the Electronic Latin text of this same work by the HDPF for more information.

The two indexes appear to be independent of each other, and it is not clear which index was compiled first. Dr. R. L. Tafel, in describing these indexes, on page 1004 of the Documents Concerning Swedenborg calls the smaller index the first, because it only covers the first 83 numbers in the work on marriage. But others, such as Samuel H. Worcester and John Whitehead, see the larger and more general index to be the first, in the nature of an outline of the entire work. It is conjectured by them that, as he began writing out the actual text of the work, Swedenborg was also making a detailed index of the work itself. But it seems he did not complete that work, and this is why the index covers only the first 83 numbers.

As the HDPF is desirous of making the scans of the Swedenborg collection available in the most accessible and usable form, we have undertaken to link these scans to the Latin electronic texts of the theological works. This is being done in such a way that the scans of the original manuscripts can be displayed together with the corresponding pages of the Latin e-texts, and along with the Latin text this English translation by John Whitehead. For this to happen the word order was changed to match the order of the Latin, and numbers were added to each subject so that the Latin and English would be in parallel.

[%4] In general, text formatting of each subject is similar to that found in both the Latin text edited by Samuel Worcester, and in the English translation by John Whitehead. Both added certain things to the format and text, and we have retained these additions for the use they serve to those reading and studying these indexes. Worcester's additions include the following:

Parentheses are added around references to Angelic Wisdom concerning Marriage, e.g.:

Something about the love of heaven and the love of hell (13).

Parentheses are used to set off the original Latin word for the subject, e.g.:

Affection. (Affectio)

Parentheses are added around other related subjects being referenced, e.g.,

Erudition. (Eruditio) (See Wisdom and Understanding).

Quotation marks are added around words from Scripture, e.g.,

In the Word the Lord is called "the Bridegroom" and "Husband,"

Obvious cross references to the work Conjugial Love are added in square brackets, e.g.,

A man lives a man after death (2-5 [Conjugial Love 28-31, 44]).

In the longer, more general index a reference to the other shorter index is inserted in square brackets if the subject is also found there; e.g.,

Angel (Angelus).--[See the Other Index.]

The Editor's critical notes for these Indexes are found in the beginning of the Second Volume of Posthumous Theological Works. We have not included these notes as they were not marked in the text itself. Perhaps at a later date they will be included. We did, however, include the critical notes in the Latin text.

[%5] Besides the extra formatting in the Whitehead's translation of these indexes, we found it necessary to add still more formatting, subsections and symbols. As can be seen from the following examples, this was done for the sake of comparison between the English text with the Latin e-text, and thus with the scans of the manuscripts, as well as comparison between the two indexes. This formatting will make the study and comparison much easier for the average student of the Heavenly Doctrine who knows some Latin. The following was added to the 1906 Latin text in the electronic version:

The # sign followed by a number has been added in front of subjects being cross referenced by the word vide. This allows the program to display that subject when it is double clicked, and this also makes it easier for those using a printed text to locate that word in the book, e.g.,

77. Nuptials (Nuptiae). - (See #101 Bridegroom.)

Subsection markers, such as [%2] or [%3+], were added to help in finding words in subjects with many entries, such as Dominus and Verbum. They were also used to divide the text at, or close to, where the entries for a specific subject continues from one page to the another. This allows for scrolling the Latin text alongside the manuscript pages, e.g..

[%2] Causes of coldnesses, separations and divorces,

The % sign was added to indicate that the subsection only contains a portion of the entries for a specific subject in the index.

[%6] It is hoped that the publication of this electronic version of the English translation of the two indexes of AWM in such a way that it parallels the original Latin will increase the use of this invaluable work in the study of the Heavenly Doctrine, as studies have been enhanced more and more by computer applications. In these indexes there are teachings not to be found elsewhere in the Heavenly Doctrine. For example, we have the following entry under the subject Influx:

That the mind or spirit of man acts in an instant into the body; and that it acts simultaneously, and not successively, because the spiritual is not in a place; and that it is received by the material body not in an instant, but in a moment (n. 60, 61).

Would that we had the full text of these teachings of the work Angelic Wisdom concerning Marriage! Then we could better understand this teaching about influx, which reveals to us that metric time begins when the spiritual inflows into the natural. Still, the essence of this teaching has been preserved in this index. Someday we hope the work itself will be found.

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Andrew J. Heilman, secretary of the HDPF

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Many thanks to our friends at the Heavenly Doctrines Publishing Foundation for the permission to use this revision of the text.