L’Amore Coniugale

This is a translation of: De Amore Conjugiali, by Emanuel Swedenborg

Translated into Italiano


This is Swedenborg's work on marriage. It shows that a true loving marriage between a husband and wife is the ideal human state. We can work towards it preparing ourselves to receive this gift. It brings eternal happiness and it corresponds to the marriage between the love and wisdom that flow from the Lord through all of creation.

About this translation:

Un vero matrimonio d'amore tra marito e moglie è lo stato umano ideale. Corrisponde all'amore e alla saggezza del Signore a un livello profondo. E noi possiamo lavorare per diventare capaci di ricevere questo dono.

Date of creation: 2016

Credit: Many thanks to Fondazione Swedenborg for making this translating publicly available.

Copyright: This translation is in the public domain.

License: Public domain

About: Traduzione dalla versione originale in latino di Samuel Warren M., riveduta da Louis H. Tafel

Obtained from: https://fondazioneswedenborg.wordpress.com

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