The Inner Meaning of the Prophets and Psalms #126

Inner Meaning: Prophets, Psalms (Schreck translation - updated)      

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126. Internal Meaning of Ezekiel, Chapter 3

1-3 He should be instructed in the Word, which in itself is delightful. (2, 3)

4-7 He should teach those that have the Word, and consequently are able to live according to the Divine commandments, but they do not so live; while with others it would be otherwise. (2, 11)

8-9 He should not fear their obduracy, (2)

10-11 but should teach them. (2)

12-13 It is perceived that the state of the church has been changed entirely in respect to the Word and doctrine from the Word. (2)

14-15 He was indignant that it should be so. (2)

16-17 But that He might represent the Word, (2)

18-21 he would be guilty if He did not reveal their falsities and evils, and not guilty if He did reveal them. (2)

22-23 It is according to the sense of the letter, which He must explain (2, 16)

16 He must not speak from Himself, but from the Lord.

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