Exploring the Meaning of Luke 8

This is a translation of: Exploring the Meaning of Luke 8

Translated into English by Ray Silverman


Exploring the Meaning of Luke 8

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Luke chapter 8 opens with the Parable of the Sower. Are you part of the stony ground? Figure it out! And that's just the beginning. This chapter is packed... and Ray Silverman's thoughtful commentary will help you unpack it.

Created or translated by: Ray Silverman

Date of creation: 2020

Credit: Many thanks to Rev. Dr. Ray Silverman for the permission to use the materials from his book, "A Seamless Garment," for the chapter summaries for the Four Gospels.

Copyright: Rev. Dr. Ray Silverman

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About: This is a study of the Four Gospels as a divinely arranged narrative, from the first word of Matthew to the last word of John.

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