Exploring the Meaning of Luke 7

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Almost everyone is surprised when a Roman centurion asks Jesus to heal his servant, who is very ill. It's a powerful story about faith.

At one level, the story teaches that everyone—whether Jew or gentile, Greek or Roman—has the capacity to be touched by the Divine. There are no “chosen” people. Everyone, everywhere, has the ability to respond to the Divine love and wisdom that Jesus offers.

And it goes deeper, too...

Created or translated by: Ray Silverman

Date of creation: 2020

Credit: Many thanks to Rev. Dr. Ray Silverman for the permission to use the materials from his book, "A Seamless Garment," for the chapter summaries for the Four Gospels.

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About: This is a study of the Four Gospels as a divinely arranged narrative, from the first word of Matthew to the last word of John.

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