In the morning and the evening

By New Christian Bible Study Staff
long path in valley

We wanted to share this prayer, or meditation, that we received from a good friend in Japan.

Our friend included this thought, "I would be very happy to walk the path of rebirth with you in the United States."

It's a very humbling thing to be invited to walk this path with a wise friend.


My prayer upon waking

  • That I may not insult or think ill of others.
  • May I not betray my spouse.
  • May I not be greedy.
  • May I not be righteous.
  • May I not complain.
  • May I not have ulterior motives.
  • May I not rejoice in the misfortune of others.
  • May I be kind to others.
  • May I put others first.
  • May I be faithful in my role, my work, my mission.
  • May I love, cherish and make my spouse happy.
  • May I honor my parents.
  • May I give priority to the spiritual over the natural.
  • May I take some of the burdens of the world onto my shoulders.

My bedtime meditation

  • Have I not belittled or wronged others?
  • Did I not betray my spouse?
  • Did I not become greedy?
  • Have I not been righteous?
  • Did I not complain?
  • Did I not have ulterior motives?
  • Did I not rejoice in the misfortune of others?
  • Was I kind to others?
  • Did I put others first?
  • Did I fulfill my role, my job, my mission with integrity?
  • Did I love, cherish and make my spouse happy?
  • Did I honor my parents?
  • Did I put spiritual things before natural things?
  • Have I taken on some of the burdens of this world?

See, too, the texts of Psalms 65:8 and 55:17.