Himmel und Hölle

This is a translation of: De Coelo et de Inferno by Emanuel Swedenborg in 1758

Translated into Deutsch


Do we go anywhere when we die? In "Heaven and Hell", Swedenborg describes the spiritual world as a real "place" that operates on a different plane from the natural world. In it there are three main states - a place where we gradually lose our ability to hide our real loves and where we sort ourselves into those who have good loves as their ruling love and those who are primarily selfish. Good people gravitate to communities where there are like-minded people and so do evil people - forming heavenly societies and hellish ones. It's a fascinating account and even religious skeptics will find some food for thought.

Suggested Citation:

Swedenborg, Emanuel. Himmel und Hölle. [London, England: John Lewis, 1758] Translated. Retrieved from: newchristianbiblestudy.org

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