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387. What Angels Do in Heaven

There is no way to list all the functions that people have in the heavens or to describe them in detail, though it is possible to say something on the subject in general terms; they are innumerable and vary depending on the roles of the communities as well. In fact, each community plays a unique role, since the communities differ depending on their virtues (see above, 41) and therefore on their function. This is because virtues for everyone in the heavens are virtues in act, which are functions. Everyone there does something specifically useful, for the Lord's kingdom is a kingdom of uses. 1


1. The Lord's kingdom is a kingdom of uses: 453 [454], 696, 1103, 3645, 4054, 7038. Serving the Lord is being useful: 7038. Everyone needs to be useful in the other life: 1103; even evil and hellish people, but in a different manner: 696. Everyone's quality is determined by the use that individual fulfills: 4054, 6815; with examples: 7038. Angelic blessedness consists of good, thoughtful deeds, and therefore of fulfilling uses: 454.

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