Heaven and Hell #214

By Emanuel Swedenborg

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214. The form of government in the Lord's heavenly kingdom is called justice, since all the people there are intent on the good the Lord's love does in and through us, and anything that results from this good is called just. This government belongs to the Lord alone. He leads them and teaches them in matters of life. The truths that we associate with judgment are engraved on their hearts. Everyone knows them, grasps them, and sees them. 1 So matters of judgment never come into dispute for them, only matters of justice that are matters of life. The less wise ask the wiser ones about them, and they in turn ask the Lord and bring back the responses. Their heaven - their deepest delight - is to live justly from the Lord.


1. Heavenly angels do not think and talk on the basis of truths the way spiritual angels do, because they enjoy a perception of all matters of truth from the Lord: 202, 597, 607, 784, 1121, 1387 [1384?], 1398, 1442, 1919, 7680, 7877, 8780, 9277, 10336. Concerning truths, heavenly angels say, "Yes, yes," or "No, no," while spiritual angels consider whether they are true or not: 2715, 3246, 4446 [4448?], 9166, 10786; where explanation is given of the Lord's words, "Let your conversation be 'Yes, yes,' 'No, no'; anything beyond this is from evil" (Matthew 5:37).

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