Heaven and Hell #187

By Emanuel Swedenborg

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187. So I could see why the Lord calls himself the temple that is in Jerusalem (John 2:19, 21). 1 I could also see why the New Jerusalem appeared as a city of pure gold, with gates of pearl and foundations of precious gems (Revelation 21): it is because a temple offers an image of the Lord's divine human; the New Jerusalem refers to the church that was going to be founded; and the twelve gates are the truths that lead to what is good, and the foundations are the truths on which it is based. 2


1. In the highest sense, "the house of God" means the Lord's divine human in respect to divine good, and the temple means the same in respect to divine truth. In a relative sense, they mean heaven and the church in respect to what is good and true: 3720.

2. Jerusalem means the church where there is authentic doctrine: 402, 3654, 9166. The gates mean an introduction to the doctrine of the church, and through that doctrine, to the church itself: 2943, 4478 [4477?]. The foundation means the truth on which heaven, the church, and the doctrine are based: 9643.

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