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Divine Providence (Rogers translation)      

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By Emanuel Swedenborg

(First published 1764)

General Church of the New Jerusalem

Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania


Angelic Wisdom Regarding Divine Providence. Published by the General Church of the New Jerusalem, 1100 Cathedral Road, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania 19009, U.S.A. Copyright 2003 by the General Church of the New Jerusalem. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America.

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Swedenborg, Emanuel, 1688-1772.

[Sapientia angelica de divina providentia. English]

Angelic wisdom regarding divine providence / by Emanuel Swedenborg

Translated by N. Bruce Rogers.

Includes indexes.

ISBN 0-945003-27-7

1. God - Wisdom.

I. Rogers, N. Bruce, 1940-

II. Title.

BX8712.D6 2003b

231, 5 - dc21


Translated from the Original Latin by N. Bruce Rogers

Additional Numbering:

[ ] indicates the subsection of a number according to the plan devised by the Rev. John Faulkner Potts for The Swedenborg Concordance (Swedenborg Society, London, 1888-1900).

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Thanks to the General Church of the New Jerusalem for the permission to use this translation.