Divine Love and Wisdom (Dole translation)

This is a translation of: De Divino Amore et de Divina Sapientia by Emanuel Swedenborg in 1763

Translated into English by George F. Dole


This philosophically oriented work explains how God working from Divine Love through Divine Wisdom created the universe in its spiritual dimensions and then in its physical dimensions.

Created or translated by: George F. Dole

Date of creation: 2003

Credit: Thanks to the Swedenborg Foundation for the permission to use this translation.

Copyright: 2003 Swedenborg Foundation

All rights reserved.

License: Used with permission - see terms

Obtained from: http://www.swedenborg.com/

Publication data:

Published: 2003 in West Chester, PA, USA by Swedenborg Foundation

Suggested Citation:

Swedenborg, Emanuel. Divine Love and Wisdom. [Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1763] Translated by George F. Dole. West Chester, PA, USA: Swedenborg Foundation, 2003. Retrieved from: newchristianbiblestudy.org

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