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91. In contrast, the female is born to be will-oriented, but will-oriented in response to the intellectual orientation of the male, or in other words, to be a lover of the wisdom in a man, because she was formed by means of his wisdom (regarding which, see above, nos. 88, 89). This can also be seen from the disposition of the female, her employment, her behavior, and her figure.

With respect to the disposition of the female, it can be seen that it is a disposition to love knowledge, intelligence and wisdom - though not in herself but in a man - and for that reason to love a man. For a man is not lovable simply on account of his physique, the fact that he looks like a man, but on account of the gifts he has in him which make him human.

With respect to the employment of the female, it can be seen that it has to do with things that are works of the hands and are called sewing, needlework, and other names, which serve for decoration, for her personal adornment, and for enhancing her beauty. Also, that it has to do as well with various tasks called domestic, which complement the tasks of men (which, as we said, are called occupational). Women do these things out of an inclination towards marriage, in order to become wives and so one with their husbands.

With respect to the behavior and figure of the female, it is evident without explanation that the same thing is visible from these.

(References: Conjugial Love 88-89, 90)

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Conjugial Love 339, 427, 458, 516

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