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90. 4. In members of the animal kingdom, good's truth or truth resulting from good is masculine, and truth's consequent goodness or good resulting from that truth is feminine. We showed above (nos. 84-86) that a constant union of love and wisdom or marriage of goodness and truth flows in from the Lord, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, and that created vessels receive it, each according to its form. Reason can see, moreover, that from this marriage or union, the male sex receives the truth of wisdom, and to it the Lord joins goodness of love according to his reception. Also, that this reception takes place in the intellect, and that the male sex is therefore born to become intellect-oriented. Reason can see this from its own sight of various characteristics in the male, especially from his disposition, his employment, his behavior, and his physique.

[2] With respect to the disposition of the male, reason sees that it is a disposition to know, understand, and be wise - a disposition to know in childhood, a disposition to understand in adolescence and early youth, and a disposition to be wise from this time of his youth on into old age. From this it is evident that the male is by nature or temperament inclined to develop his understanding, consequently that he is born to become intellect-oriented. But because this cannot happen apart from love, therefore the Lord attaches love to him according to his reception, that is, according to the spirit in him that wills to become wise.

[3] With respect to his employment, reason sees that it has to do with things involving the intellect, or things in which the intellect predominates, most of which are occupational and are directed towards serving the public.

With respect to his behavior, reason sees that his customary habits all stem from a predominance of the intellect. Consequently, the actions of his life, meant by behavior, are directed by reason - or if they are not, he wants them to appear so. A masculine exercise of reason is also visible in his every virtue.

With respect to his physique, reason sees that it is different and totally distinct from the figure of the female - on which subject, something may also be seen above, no. 33.

In addition to these traits, there is the power of insemination which resides in the male. This has no other source than the intellect, for its source is truth there resulting from good. That the power of insemination comes from this source will be seen later.

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