Conjugial Love #252

By Emanuel Swedenborg

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252. 16. The first reason for legitimate separation is an impairment of the mind. The reason for this is that conjugial love is a union of minds. If the mind of one grows apart from that of the other, therefore, this union is broken, and love fades with it. It can be seen what sort of impairments lead to separation from an enumeration of them. They are, accordingly, in large part the following:

Psychosis. Organic psychosis. Insanity. Actual idiocy or imbecility. Amnesia. Severe neurosis.

Extreme simplemindedness so as to lack any perception of goodness and truth. Utmost stubbornness in not complying with what is just and fair.

Taking the greatest pleasure in prattling and talking only about inconsequential and trivial matters.

Having an uncontrollable urge to divulge secrets of the home. Having an uncontrollable urge to argue; to strike blows; to take revenge; to act maliciously; to steal; to lie; to deceive; to blaspheme.

Neglect of the children. Intemperance. High living. Excessive extravagance. Drunkenness. Lack of cleanliness. Shamelessness. Resorting to sorceries and witchcraft. Impiety.

Many other disorders could be listed as well.

By legitimate reasons here we do not mean judicial ones, but ones legitimate to the other partner. Only rarely are separations from the house decreed by a judge.

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Many thanks to the General Church of the New Jerusalem, and to Rev. N.B. Rogers, translator, for the permission to use this translation.