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179. (20). Truly conjugial love regarded in itself is a union of souls, a conjunction of minds, an effort to conjunction in breasts, and a consequent effort to conjunction in body. That it is a union of souls and conjunction of minds may be seen above in no. 158. That it is an effort to conjunction in breasts is because the breast is like a city's town hall, and like a royal court, and the body like the teeming city surrounding it. The breast is like a city's town hall because all decisions delivered from the soul and mind to the body flow first into the breast. It is like a royal court because it is the seat of government over all things of the body; for that is where the heart and lungs are, and the heart reigns through the blood in every part of the body, and the lungs through the respiration. It is apparent that the body is then like the teeming city surrounding such places.

Consequently, when the souls and minds of married partners are united, and united by truly conjugial love, it follows that this lovely union flows into their breasts, and through these into their bodies, and causes an effort to conjunction. This is also all the more so, because conjugial love directs the effort to its ultimate expressions, in order to bring its blissful pleasures to fulfillment. And because the breast is at the midpoint, it is apparent why conjugial love has found the seat of its exquisite sensation there.

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