Arcana Coelestia #0

Arcana Coelestia (Elliott translation)

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The HEAVENLY ARCANA -- the matters in Sacred Scripture or the Word of the Lord that have been disclosed - stand in explanatory sections entitled THE INTERNAL SENSE Of the Word. As for the nature of that sense, see what has been presented on the subject from experience in Arcana Coelestia 1767-1777, 1869-1879, and in addition in the main body of the work, in Arcana Coelestia 1-5, 64-66, 167, 605, 920, 937, 1143, 1224, 1404, 1405, 1408, 1409, 1502 end, Arcana Coelestia 1540, 1659, 1756, 1783, 1807.

The MARVELS -- things seen in the world of spirits and in the angelic heaven - have been placed in sections before and after each chapter. In this first volume the sections are:
1. Man's awakening from the dead and his entry into eternal life, 168-181.
2. The entry into eternal life of one who has been so awakened, 182-189.
3. Man's entry into eternal life - continued, 314-319.
4. The nature of the life of a soul or spirit at that time, 320-327.
5. Some examples of what certain spirits had thought during their lifetime about the soul or spirit, 443-448.
6. Heaven and heavenly joy, 449-459.
7. Heaven and heavenly joy - continued, 537-546.
8. Heaven and heavenly joy - continued, 547-553.
9. The communities that constitute heaven, 684-691.
10. Hell, 692-700.
11. The hells of people who have gone through life hating, desiring revenge, and being cruel, 814-823.
12. The hells of people who have gone through life committing adultery and acts of unrestrained lust; also the hells of deceivers and witches, 824-871.
13. The hells of the avaricious; then the filthy Jerusalem and the robbers in the desert. Also the utterly foul hells of people who have lived wholly engrossed in the pursuit of pleasures, 938-946.
14. Other hells that are different from those mentioned already, 947-970.
15. Vastations, Arcana Coelestia 1106-1113.

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