Arcana Coelestia #565

By Emanuel Swedenborg

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565. 'Man' here means the human race at that period of time, in particular the race that was evil or corrupt. This becomes clear from the following verses,

My spirit will not reprove man for ever, in that he is flesh, verse 3;

The evil of man had been increased on the earth; and all the imagination of the thoughts of his heart was altogether evil, verse 5;

I will wipe out man whom I have created, verse 7; and in the next chapter,

All flesh creeping over the earth breathed its last; and every man, in whose nostrils was the breath of the spirit of life. 1 Genesis 7:21-22.

Concerning man it has been stated already that the Lord alone is Man, and that by virtue of Him every celestial man or celestial Church is called man, as is every other man or Church. And the same applies also to every individual, of whatever faith, to distinguish him from animals. But nobody is man or different from animals except, as has been stated, by virtue of remnants, which are the Lord's. Indeed remnants are what enable anyone to be called man; for it is on account of remnants which are the Lord's and so are obtained from Him that even the worst human being is called a man. For without remnants a person is in no sense a man but an utter beast.


1. literally, of lives

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