Arcana Coelestia #4948

By Emanuel Swedenborg

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4948. Those however who during their lifetime thought about and desired within themselves nothing but that which was selfish and worldly shut off from themselves every path or influx from heaven; for self-love and love of the world are the opposite of heavenly love. Those of them who at the same time immersed themselves in pleasures or else luxurious living coupled with inner deceitfulness are beneath the sole of the right foot, but deep down and so below the land of lower things, where the hell, of such people is situated. Within their dwellings there is nothing but filth. They also seem to themselves to be carrying such, for filth corresponds to the kind of life they lead. One smells there the stench of different kinds of filth matching the genera and species of that kind of life. In that place live many who in the world were quite famous people.

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