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10209. 'Once a year' means everlastingly. This is clear from the meaning of 'once a year' as for the whole year; for the expiation on the horns of the altar of incense once a year implied expiation for the whole year. 'A year', like all references to time, means a state and its duration, and also everlastingness. In this instance it is a state of purification from evils by means of the truths of faith; for this state is meant by expiation on the horns of the altar of incense once a year, and all purification from evils, which is regeneration, persists everlastingly not only in the world but also in the next life.

'A year' means that which is everlasting and eternal, see 2906 (end), 7828.

So do 'yesterday', 'today', 'tomorrow', and like references to time, 2838,

3998, 4304, 6165, 6984, 9939.

Purification from evils, or regeneration, persists to eternity, see the places referred to in 9334, and what has been stated in 10048.

(References: Exodus 30:5)

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