Arcana Coelestia #8456

By Emanuel Swedenborg

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8456. 'And the deposit of dew went up' means an introduction of truth. This is clear from the meaning of 'going up' here as being dispersed and so not appearing to view; and from the meaning of 'dew' as the truth of peace, dealt with immediately above. The deposit of dew onto the manna means an introduction of truth, for the truth of peace is Divine Truth that goes forth from the Lord and is present in heaven. This being inmost, it introduces itself into the truth underneath it and gives it life, as dew usually enlivens grass or crops on which it settles in the morning. When the truth underneath is given life by it the truth of peace goes up; that is, it no longer seems to be there; only the truth that has received life from it is to be seen. This is how the truth of faith is born; for no truth contained in doctrine or in the Word becomes a truth residing with a person until it has received life from the Divine. It receives that life through the introduction of truth that goes forth from the Lord, called the truth of peace. This truth is not the truth of faith; rather it is the life or soul of the truth of faith. It organizes into a heavenly form everything within the truth which is called the truth of faith, and also after that the truths themselves in relation to each other. All this goes to show what happens when the introduction of truth by means of the truth of peace takes place in a person. It should in addition be recognized that the lower or more external levels of a person who is being regenerated receive life from higher or more internal levels in order, so that the truth of faith receives life from the truth of peace, and this from the Lord Himself. Life from the Lord is introduced into those who are being regenerated in consecutive stages coming down from Him, that is, down through the inmost part and so through interior levels into exterior. With those who have been regenerated therefore the way lies open right through to the Lord, but with those who have not been regenerated it is closed.

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