Arcana Coelestia #8327

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8327. 'On the mountain of Your inheritance' means the heaven where the good of charity resides. This is clear from the meaning of 'mountain of inheritance' as heaven. For 'mountain' means the good of love, 795, 796, 2722, 4210, 6435, and 'inheritance' means another's life, in this instance the Lord's; thus the life of goodness and truth which is derived from the Lord is meant, since those who possess this life are heirs of the kingdom and are called sons, 2658, 2851, 3672, 7212. Since these things are meant by 'the mountain of inheritance', heaven is also meant; for heaven is heaven by virtue of the good of love and it is the inheritance belonging to those who are the Lord's.

(References: Arcana Coelestia 795-796; Exodus 15:17)

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