Apocalypse Explained #999

By Emanuel Swedenborg

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/ 1232  

999. And out of the mouth of the false prophet, signifies the doctrine of faith separated from life, and of justification by it confirmed from the Word falsified. This is evident from the signification of "the false prophet," as being the doctrine of falsity from truths of the Word falsified. This is signified by the "false prophet" because a "prophet" means the doctrine of truth from the Word, and in the highest sense the Word (See above, n. 624); so a "false prophet" means the contrary of this. Moreover, "the false prophet" here has the same signification as "the beast coming up out of the earth," for it is said, "out of the mouth of the beast and of the false prophet." For there were two beasts by which the dragon has been further described, one seen coming up "out of the sea," the other "out of the earth;" and "the beast out of the sea" signifies confirmations of faith separated from the life by reasonings from the natural man, but "the beast out of the earth" signifies confirmations from the Word of faith separated from the life, and the consequent falsifications of the Word. And because the doctrine of the church was made from this, and that doctrine teaches the separation of faith from the life and justification by that separated faith, so this second beast is meant by "the false prophet."

(Continuation respecting the Sixth Commandment)

[2] From true conjugial love there is power and protection against the hells, because it is against the evils and falsities that ascend from the hells, and for the reason that through conjugial love man has conjunction with the Lord, and the Lord alone has power over all the hells; also because through conjugial love man has heaven and the church; consequently as the Lord unceasingly protects heaven and the church from the evils and falsities that rise up from the hells, so He protects all who are in true conjugial love because heaven and the church is with these and with no others. For heaven and the church are the marriage of good and truth, from which is conjugial love, as has been said above. And this is why through conjugial love man has peace, which is inmost joy of heart from a complete safety from the hells and a protection from infestations of the evil and falsity therefrom.

/ 1232  

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