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933. And over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name, signifies and that have not acknowledged the doctrine of faith separated from charity, or any quality of it. This is evident from the signification of "the beast," whose "image," "mark," and "number of name," are here mentioned, as being faith separated from charity, or faith without good works (see above, n. 773, 815); also from the signification of "his image," as being the doctrine of that faith (see n. 827 also from the signification of "mark," as being the acknowledgment and confession of that faith (see n. 838); also from the signification of "the number of his name," as being what is like it as to life and as to faith, thus its quality, also as being falsities in the whole complex (see n. 841, 845, 847). So "the image, mark, and number of his name," signify, when taken together, not acknowledging and confessing faith separated as to its doctrine, and as to any quality of it. "To have victory over these" signifies to reject them in life and doctrine, which is effected by combat against the falsities that the followers of that faith offer in opposition.

(References: Revelation 15:2; The Apocalypse Explained 773, 815, 827, 838, 841, 845, 847)

[2] It has been said in the previous article that at this day it is scarcely known what is meant by charity, and thus by good works, unless it be giving to the poor, enriching the needy, doing good to widows and orphans, and contributing to the building of temples, hospitals, and lodging houses; and yet whether such works are done by man and for the sake of reward is not known; for if they are done by man they are not good, and if for the sake of reward they are meritorious; and such works do not open heaven, and thus are not acknowledged as goods in heaven. In heaven no works are regarded as good except such as are done by the Lord with man, and yet the works that are done by the Lord with man appear in outward form like those done by the man himself, and cannot be distinguished even by the man who does them. For the works done by the Lord with man are done by man as if by himself; and unless they are done as if by himself they do not conjoin man to the Lord, thus they do not reform him. That man ought to do goods as if by himself may be seen above (n. 616, 864, 911).

(References: Revelation 15:2; The Apocalypse Explained 616, The Apocalypse Explained 864, 911)

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