Apocalypse Explained #999

By Emanuel Swedenborg

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/ 1232  

999. And out of the mouth of the false prophet. That this signifies the doctrine of faith separated from life, and of justification by it, confirmed from the Word falsified, is evident from the signification of the false prophet, as denoting the doctrine of falsity from the falsified truth of the Word. This is signified by the false prophet, because by a prophet is meant the doctrine of truth from the Word, and, in the highest sense, the Word, as may be seen above (n. 624). Hence the contrary is meant by a false prophet. Moreover, the false prophet here has the same signification as the beast ascending out of the earth; for it is said, out of the mouth of the beast, and of the false prophet. For there were two beasts, by which the dragon is further described, one seen ascending out of the sea, the other out of the earth. And by the beast out of the sea is signified confirmations of faith separated from life, by reasonings from the natural man; but by the beast out of the earth are signified confirmations from the Word, of faith separated from life, and the consequent falsification thereof. And as it is thence made a doctrine of the church, and as that doctrine teaches the separation of faith from life, and justification by that separated faith, therefore, this other beast is meant by the false prophet.

Continuation concerning the Sixth Precept:-

From love truly conjugial there is power and protection against the hells, because against the evils and falsities which ascend from the hells. The reason is, that by conjugial love man has conjunction with the Lord, and the Lord alone can prevail over all the hells. Also, because by conjugial love man possesses heaven and the church. Wherefore, as the Lord continually protects heaven and the church from the evils and falsities that rise up from the hells, so He protects all those who are in love truly conjugial, because heaven and the church are with these only. For heaven and the church are the marriage of good and truth, from which is conjugial love, as said above.

Hence it is, that man by conjugial love has peace, which is inmost joy of heart, arising from security of every kind against the hells, and from protection against the infestations of evil and falsity therefrom.

/ 1232  

Translation by Isaiah Tansley. Many thanks to the Swedenborg Society for the permission to use this translation.