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何西阿書 9:7

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Estudia el significado interno

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7 以色列人知道降罰的日子臨近,報應的時候到。民說:作先知的是愚昧;受靈感的是妄,皆因他們多多作孽,大懷怨恨。

   Estudia el significado interno

Pasajes Core:

The Inner Meaning of the Prophets and Psalms 192

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属天的奥秘 2242, 6588

The Lord 4, 48

Referencias de las obras inéditas de Swedenborg:

Apocalypse Explained 624

Scriptural Confirmations 9, 75

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'Israel,' in Jeremiah 23:8, signifies the spiritual natural church. The children of Israel dispersed all the literal sense of the Word by falsities. 'The children...

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The Bible


路加福音 21:22

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Estudia el significado interno

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22 因為這是報應的日子,使經上所的都得應驗。

   Estudia el significado interno

Explanation of Luke 21      

Por Rev. John Clowes M.A.

Verses 1-2. That the Lord, from His Divine Love, perceives the quality of every man's worship, as proceeding either from the knowledges of truth in the understanding, or from the desire of truth in the will.

Verses 3-4. And that the worship proceeding from the latter source is more acceptable to Him than the worship proceeding from the former source.

Verses 5-6. The state of the Church therefore is not to be judged of from the external appearances of the truths which the members of the Church profess to believe, since if these truths be without the good of charity, the Church itself must come to vastation and destruction.

Verses 7-8. For which reason the understandings of the members of the Church ought to be opened to the light of truth, to prevent their being misled by falsities, since those are about to come, who will say that this is of faith, or this is truth, when yet it is neither of faith, nor is it truth, but what is false.

Verse 9. Debates also and disputes will exist concerning truths.

Verses 10-11. And evil is about to fight against evil, and the false against the false, so that the state of the Church shall be changed, and there shall no longer be any knowledge of what is good and true, but infection from falsities.

Verse 12. Good and truth also are about to perish, first by perversion, next by the withholding and captivity of truths by falsities, and all on account of the goods of love and the truths of faith from the Lord.

Verse 13. Which goods and truths will thus finally become more confirmed.

Verses 14-15. So that they who are principled in such goods and truths have nothing to fear, inasmuch as they are continually vivified by thought grounded in affection from the Lord.

Verses 16-20. And thus preserve the life of truth amongst falsities, notwithstanding the temptations which they undergo, on account of truths.

Verses 20-22. When the Church therefore is brought to its consummation by the evils and falsities which devastate it, its members are to take refuge in the good of love to the Lord.

Verse 23. Yet they who at that time receive the good of love to the Lord, and the truths of that good, will be in danger of profaning them, by reason of the evil and the false which then will have rule in the Church.

Verse 24. For truth shall then be destroyed by falsities, in consequence of which destruction, there will arise persuasions and obsessions from evils of every kind, leading to the plenary destruction and perversion of the doctrine of the Church, until evil is consummated.

Verse 25. Love to the Lord also, and charity towards the neighbour, together with faith and the knowledges of faith, will then be obscured, and vanish away, so that all good will perish, through ratiocinations against the truth made from the sense of the letter of the Word, ignorantly and perversely applied.

Verse 26. They also who are in the heavens will feel alarm lest every thing of the Church, should perish as to good, in consequence of the decay of truth.

Verse 27. And then shall be the manifestation of truth Divine through the literal sense of the Word, which truth Divine has ability, and from which is intelligence.

Verses 28-32. So that the human understanding and Will will then be elevated, because a new Church will then commence, which in the beginning will be external.

Verse 32. In the meantime the Jewish nation shall not be extirpated like other nations.

Verse 33. And the internals and externals of the former Church, will perish, but the Word of the Lord will remain.

Verses 34-35. All therefore ought to be upon their guard against the appropriation of what is evil and false, that so they may be preserved from enticement and deception by the delights of selfish and worldly love.

Verse 36. For which purpose they ought to procure to themselves spiritual life, and to prepare for its reception from the Word.

Verses 37-38. That the Lord, during His abode in the world, taught from His Divine Wisdom grounded in His Divine Love, and that what He taught was gladly received by those who were in; the affection of good and truth.


Explicación (s) o las referencias de las obras de Swedenborg:

属天的奥秘 1843

揭秘启示录 806, 880

A Brief Exposition of New Church Doctrine 100

The Lord 64

真实的基督教 782

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