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The letter Y, says Swedenborg, is an intermediate between the celestial and the spiritual in man, especially in the heavens.

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Acerca: These explanations of the meaning of Bible words and phrases are drawn from Emanuel Swedenborg's exegetical works. Those meanings were first indexed/compiled in "A Dictionary of Correspondences, Representatives, and Significatives", by George Nicholson, 1841. Nicholson's work was updated and expanded by Rev. Samuel Worcester, of Boston, Mass., around 1900, and reprinted. In 1973, the Swedenborg Foundation published "A Dictionary of Bible Imagery", by Alice Spiers Sechrist. This work, "quite a new book", revamped, expanded, and corrected its predecessors. In 2022, the listings have been updated again, corrected further, parsed, edited, and imported into a database format to support these word/phrase descriptions. Example occurrences of words in Bible verses are usually cited, as are the passages in Swedenborg's works where their meanings are described. In most cases, the entries are quite brief, with links to references. In others, New Christian Bible Study staff and volunteers have added short explanations, too.

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