Devarim 13:17



17 ואת־כל־שללה תקבץ אל־תוך רחבה ושרפת באש את־העיר ואת־כל־שללה כליל ליהוה אלהיך והיתה תל עולם לא תבנה עוד׃

La Explicación  

Por Alexander Payne

Verse 16. And you shall collect and gather together in the mind all the falsifications of truth which proceed from that falsity, and place them with its primary principle, and reject the doctrine as something denied with the filthy fires of evil loves proceeding from hell, together with every falsified truth adhering to it, for the sake of Divine Love and Wisdom which comes from the Lord alone; and it shall be entirely rejected and not allowed to spring up in the soul again.