Supplements on the Last Judgment and the Spiritual World #87

Durch Emanuel Swedenborg

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87. Since they continued to present themselves in this same manner in the spiritual world, and yet [the angels] perceived that their inward thoughts differed from what they were presenting outwardly, to uncover this discrepancy they were brought into the lowest heaven. They could not stand the atmosphere of caring and consequent faith among the angels there, so they hurried away.

Later, because in the world they had believed that they were the only people who were really alive and that after death they would enter the third heaven, they were actually taken up to that heaven. But when they sensed the atmosphere of love for the Lord there, they felt as though they were having a heart attack. They began to suffer intense inner pain and to have convulsions like people in the throes of death, so they hurled themselves headfirst out of there. This was the first method by which it was revealed that inwardly they attach no value whatever to caring for their neighbor or loving the Lord.

They were then sent to people charged with the task of exploring the deeper levels of their thinking. The report these people made of them was that they despise the Lord, reject the life of caring so completely that they loathe it, regard the Word of the Old Testament as useless, and look down on the Word of the Gospels. All they do with Scripture is take what they please from Paul in the passages where he talks about faith alone. Such are the mysteries that the Moravians keep hidden from the world.

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