Spiritual Experiences #4226

Durch Emanuel Swedenborg
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4226. 1 About the continual reflection, and the continual presence of the Lord with the angels

About auras

It was seen earlier [4221] how the matter stands in regard to continual reflection, namely, that it is not connate to man, but is imbued through habit from early childhood so as finally to become as if natural, as said about reflection on objects in the way when one is walking, on movements of the body and its limbs, the gait that becomes habitual. Unless we learned these things, we would never be able to walk on our feet, and there are many such reflections that we acquire and that become second nature. Then in our speech - both vernaculars and foreign languages - the meanings come, down into words, without our thinking about it, from habit, but we had to learn them, like those who practice on musical instruments. All the outer parts of the body are thus instilled with the knowledge, the muscles are taught in a marvelous manner, and also the sight and hearing play a part. When one is speaking, the sight is present, also the hearing in certain ways. When one is speaking with a dignitary, there is respect in every word - a quality that is likewise acquired by learning.

I realized that the same holds also in the case of those who are being regenerated. In matters of conscience, the conscience is present in every least thing they think or do, even if they are not aware of it. In one who is pious, piety is present in every least thing; in one who is obedient, obedience in every least thing; if one has charity, there is charity in every least thing; if marriage love, love is in every least thing. Even though one may not be aware of their presence, these qualities are present. With heavenly angels there is likewise presence of the Lord, even though they do not know it is the presence of the Lord. Therefore, when it is said that the Lord must be thought of continually, this is what is meant, not that man should hold his thoughts consciously [on the Lord]which may be done in the beginning, until one is gifted with such a continuity. 1749, 17 April. This then is the source of auras of faith.


1. This paragraph is emphasized marginally in the manuscript by a vertical wavy line.

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