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Bullrushin' Russian Texts January 18, 2022:

We're taking a page from the TJ Watt / Reggie White / Michael Strahan book, and heading straight into polishing up the Russian translations of Swedenborg's works that we have on the site. They've been online for a while, but they've needed some attention. Now, they've finally hit the top of our worklist! Here are the titles have been polished up so far:

Lots more coming, too!

Luke 15, 16, and 17! January 18, 2022:

Here's the latest commentary from Ray and Star Silverman for Luke chapters 15, 16, and 17.

We're adding an Audio Hub January 14, 2022:

We're just deploying a new "audio hub" page. It's a work in progress. So far, we've gathered data on more than 350 audio resources from various New Christian producers, and brought it together in one place – a searchable clearinghouse. There are talks, podcasts, audio books, and some music. In most cases, we're not hosting the audio -- just giving you links to the places where it lives. Most resources are in English, but we've got some in Chinese, Serbian, and Russian, and will be adding more languages. If you know of New Christian audio resources that we might not know about, send us a note! We'd like to make this a pretty comprehensive, searchable hub. Hope you like it!

Not to be outdone, our Francophones offer this French translation, "L’Apocalypse Révélée" January 12, 2022:

We just finished overhauling a French translation of "Apocalypse Revealed", or "L’Apocalypse Révélée". The Latin original, by Emanuel Swedenborg, was published in 1766. Le Boys des Guays translated it into French in the mid 1800s. It was scanned and OCR'd, but rife with scan errors, so... it's been a long process to get it cleaned up, and cross-linked to its many Bible references. But, now, here it is! Many thanks to everyone who helped with this effort; it should be useful for a long time to come.

A new Portuguese translation of Apocalypse Revealed January 11, 2022:

Some of our friends in Brazil and in the United States have just finished a new translation of "Apocalypse Revealed", or "Apocalipse Revelado", in Portuguese. It was written by Emanuel Swedenborg, in 1766, in Latin. Chapter by chapter, the inner meaning of the Book of Revelation is explored. Here's a link.

Luke 13 and 14! December 28, 2021:

Here's brand new commentary from Ray Silverman for Luke chapter 13 and chapter 14.

A Guide to Psalms 121-125! December 27, 2021:

We have posted brand new commentary from Rev. Julian Duckworth for Psalms 121-125.

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël! December 24, 2021:

Best wishes for Christmas, to all! It's a wonderful holy day. Here are links to the Christmas story, in the Gospel of Matthew and in the Gospel of Luke, chapters 1 and 2.

天界の秘義 December 23, 2021:

We've just posted the first "volume" of Arcana Coelestia, translated into Japanese. It's title is 天界の秘義, and it includes explanations of the inner meaning of the first 9 chapters of Genesis. Here's a link: 天界の秘義

Continuación en Español December 20, 2021:

We just imported another Spanish translation of one of Swedenborg's works: Continuación del Juicio Final. That makes 12, now, out of the 18 published works. Take a look: Continuación del Juicio Final.

"El Caballo Blanco" December 17, 2021:

We've just added this Spanish translation of Swedenborg's work, "The White Horse" to our online library. Take a look: El Caballo Blanco.

Q & A December 14, 2021:

Take a look at our new page where we answer great questions posed by our website visitors. We've only added a handful of the most recent questions so far, but we will be adding more on a regular basis! Here's the page: Q & A.

"DLW in Spanish" November 30, 2021:

"Sabiduría Angélica Sobre El Divino Amor y La Divina Sabiduría" - that's the Spanish title of the newest translation in our online library. ¡Aquí y ahora!

Video Search Hub November 12, 2021:

We've just deployed a new "videos hub". We've gathered data on close to 1200 videos from New Christian producers, and brought it together in one place – a searchable clearinghouse. When the videos refer to Bible verses, we make links, so we will be able to offer readers videos that are relevant to what they're reading. Should be fun and useful - check it out here!

Vera Religione Cristiana October 29, 2021:

We've imported and linked up the first half of an Italian translation of True Christian Religion. It was translated by Loreto Scocia in 1880, and it's being updated by our friends at Fondazione Swedenborg.

Psalms 90-99! October 22, 2021:

We have posted brand new commentary for Psalms 90-99.

Luke 8 and 9! October 13, 2021:

Here's brand new commentary for Luke chapter 8 and chapter 9.

More Luke to Like: Chapter 7! October 6, 2021:

Ray Silverman has just finished his commentary for Luke chapter 7. Here's the link to the chapter and the explanation. There's a lot of food for thought here!

Volume 10(!) of Secrets of Heaven in Chinese October 1, 2021:

We're really pleased to be publishing volume 10 of Swedenborg's "Arcana Coelestia", in Chinese. It explains the inner meaning of chapters 13-21 of Exodus. Here's a link.