Numbers 19:6



6 και-C λαμβανω-VF--FMI3S ο- A--NSM ιερευς-N3V-NSM ξυλον-N2N-ASN κεδρινος-A1--ASN και-C υσσοπος-N2--ASM και-C κοκκινος-A1--ASN και-C ενβαλλω-VF2-FAI3P εις-P μεσος-A1--ASM ο- A--GSN κατακαυμα-N3M-GSN ο- A--GSF δαμαλις-N3I-GSF

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Durch Henry MacLagan

Verse 6. And through the influence of celestial good purification shall be effected by truths interior and exterior, and by good.