Deuteronomy 21:6



6 καί-C πᾶς-A1S-NSF ὁ- A--NSF γερουσία-N1A-NSF ὁ- A--GSF πόλις-N3I-GSF ἐκεῖνος- D--GSF ὁ- A--NPM ἐγγίζω-V1--PAPNPM ὁ- A--DSM τραυματίας-N1T-DSM νίπτω-VF--FMI3P ὁ- A--APF χείρ-N3--APF ἐπί-P ὁ- A--ASF κεφαλή-N1--ASF ὁ- A--GSF δάμαλις-N3I-GSF ὁ- A--GSF νευροκοπέω-VM--XMPGSF ἐν-P ὁ- A--DSF φάραγξ-N3G-DSF

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Durch Alexander Payne

Verse 6. And all the truths derived from good in that doctrine, which was allied to the state in which the Divine Influx was found extinguished in the soul, shall be purified from the guilt of profaning or rejecting Divine truth, being expiated by the innocence of ignorance of the external man:

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