Psalms 5



1 To the victor, for the nechiloth*; a psalm of David.
2 Give·​·ear·​·to my sayings, O Jehovah,
understand my meditating.

2 3 Attend to the voice of my outcry, my King and my God;
for to Thee do I pray.

3 4 O Jehovah, in the morning shalt Thou hear my voice;
in the morning I will array myself* for Thee, and will watch.

4 5 For Thou art not a God delighting·​·in wickedness;
evil sojourns· not ·with Thee.

5 6 They who praise·​·themselves shall not stand·​·forth before Thine eyes;
Thou hatest all workers of iniquity.

6 7 Thou wilt make· those ·perish who speak a lie;
Jehovah abominates a man of bloods* and deceit.

7 8 But I, in the multitude of Thy mercy, I will come·​·into Thy house;
in Thy fear I will worship toward the temple of Thy holiness.

8 9 O Jehovah, lead me in Thy justice because·​·of my foes;
make Thy way straight before me.

9 10 For there is· nothing ·righteous in the mouth of anyone*;
their inward·​·part is calamities.
Their throat is an open grave;
they flatter* with their tongue.

10 11 Hold· them ·as·​·guilty, O God;
let them fall from their own counsels;
in the multitude of their transgressions expel them,
for they have rebelled against Thee.

11 12 But all those who confide in Thee will be·​·glad;
to eternity will they sing·​·aloud,
and Thou wilt shelter them.
And they who love Thy name will triumph in Thee,

12 13 for Thou wilt bless the just one, O Jehovah;
Thou wilt encompass him with good·​·pleasure as a buckler.

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Thanks to the Kempton Project for the permission to use this New Church translation of the Word.