Genesis 12

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1 Sinabi nga ng Panginoon kay Abram, Umalis ka sa iyong lupain, at sa iyong mga kamaganak, at sa bahay ng iyong ama, na ikaw ay pasa lupaing ituturo ko sa iyo:

2 At gagawin kitang isang malaking bansa, at ikaw ay aking pagpapalain, at padadakilain ko ang iyong pangalan; at ikaw ay maging isang kapalaran:

3 At pagpapalain ko ang mga magpapala sa iyo, at susumpain ko ang mga susumpa sa iyo: at pagpapalain sa iyo ang lahat ng angkan sa lupa.

4 Kaya't yumaon si Abram, ayon sa sinalita sa kaniya ng Panginoon; at si Lot ay sumama sa kaniya: at si Abram ay may pitong pu't limang taon, nang umalis sa Haran.

5 Isinama ni Abram si Sarai na kaniyang asawa, at si Lot na anak ng kaniyang kapatid, at ang lahat ng pag-aaring kanilang natipon at ang mga taong kanilang nakuha sa Haran; at nagsialis upang pasa lupain ng Canaan; at dumating sa lupain ng Canaan.

6 At naglakbay sa lupain si Abram hanggang sa dako ng Sichem, hanggang sa punong encina ng More. At noo'y nasa lupaing yaon ang Cananeo,

7 At napakita ang Panginoon kay Abram, at nagsabi, Sa iyong lahi ay ibibigay ko ang lupaing ito: at siya'y nagtayo roon ng isang dambana sa Panginoon na napakita sa kaniya.

8 At mula roon ay lumipat siya sa bundok na nasa silanganan ng Bethel, at doon niya itinayo ang kaniyang tolda, na nasa kalunuran ang Bethel, at nasa silanganan ang Hai: at siya'y nagtayo roon ng dambana sa Panginoon, at sinambitla ang pangalan ng Panginoon.

9 At si Abram ay naglakbay na nagtuloy sa dakong Timugan.

10 At nagkagutom sa lupaing yaon: at bumaba si Abram na nasok sa Egipto, upang manirahan doon; sapagka't mahigpit ang kagutom sa lupain.

11 At nangyari, nang siya'y malapit nang papasok sa Egipto, ay sinabi niya kay Sarai na kaniyang asawa, Narito, ngayon, talastas kong ikaw ay magandang babae sa tingin:

12 At mangyayari na pag makikita ka ng mga Egipcio, ay kanilang sasabihin, Ito'y kaniyang asawa; at ako'y kanilang papatayin, datapuwa't kanilang ililigtas kang buhay.

13 Isinasamo ko sa iyo, na sabihin mong ikaw ay aking kapatid, upang ako'y mapabuti dahil sa iyo, at upang ang kaluluwa ko'y mabuhay dahil sa iyo.

14 At nangyari, nang pumasok si Abram sa Egipto, nakita ng mga Egipcio, na ang babae ay napakaganda.

15 At nakita siya ng mga prinsipe ni Faraon, at kanilang pinuri siya kay Faraon: at dinala ang babae sa bahay ni Faraon.

16 At pinagpakitaan nito ng magandang loob si Abram dahil sa kaniya: at nagkaroon si Abram ng mga tupa, at ng mga baka, at ng mga asno, at ng mga aliping lalake at mga alilang babae, at ng mga asna, at ng mga kamelyo,

17 At sinalot ng Panginoon si Faraon at ang kaniyang sangbahayan, ng malaking pagsalot dahil kay Sarai na asawa ni Abram.

18 At tinawag ni Faraon si Abram, at sinabi, Ano itong ginawa mo sa akin? Bakit hindi mo ipinahayag sa akin na siya'y iyong asawa?

19 Bakit sinabi mong siya'y aking kapatid? na ano pa't siya'y aking kinuha upang maging asawa: ngayon nga'y nariyan ang iyong asawa; siya'y kunin mo at yumaon ka.

20 At nagbilin si Faraon sa mga tao tungkol sa kaniya: at siya'y kanilang inihatid sa daan, at ang kaniyang asawa, at ang lahat ng kaniyang pag-aari.

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Exploring the Meaning of Genesis 12      

By Steve David

The Inner Meaning of Genesis 12

In Genesis 11, we met Abram for the first time, as his genealogy was traced down through the generations from Noah. Abram represents the beginning of a new spiritual state of humankind - a new church that would record preserve important external truths. Those external truths contained internal ones - true ideas about God the way people should live.

These external truths were encoded in stories, first preserved in oral traditions then in written scriptures in the time of Moses. In the current , Abram, goes, as commanded by God, the land of Canaan. In doing this, he effectively starts the Hebrew church (from Eber, Abraham's forebear).

All the geographic places in the land of Canaan its environs had been given spiritual significations by the people of the Most Ancient Church. In the new Word that would be written there, these places would be mentioned by name would signify spiritual ideas.

When Abraham is driven by famine in the land seek refuge in Egypt, it symbolizes a state of initial instruction for this new church. That early instruction is of an external type. Egypt, in the Word, represents scientific knowledge - the natural sciences - which teach the natural level in people.

There are two levels of "story" nested in the symbolism of the literal text. One is the spiritual story of humankind. Another, higher one, is the story of the inner spiritual process that would take place in the life of Jesus Christ. Both stories are traced out in Swedenborg's exegesis of the Word.

Here's an excerpt from his capstone work, True Christian Religion:

The Word has two senses hidden in its literal sense; these are called the spiritual the celestial senses. In the spiritual sense the contents of the Word refer chiefly the church in the celestial sense chiefly the Lord. Again in the spiritual sense its contents refer Divine truth in the celestial sense Divine good. (True Christian Religion 248)

A detailed description of the inner meaning of this chapter begins in Arcana Coelestia 1401.


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Arcana Coelestia 482, 1401, 1402, 1407, 1408, 1409, 1410, ...

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References from Swedenborg's unpublished works:

Apocalypse Explained 340, 654, 750

Coronis (An Appendix to True Christian Religion) 49

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Arcana Coelestia # 1438

Arcana Coelestia (Elliott translation)      

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1438. 'And they came into the land of Canaan' means that He attained to the celestial things of love. This is clear from what has just been stated about the land of Canaan. Here the Lord's life at first is described, that is to say, from birth to childhood, during which period He attained to the celestial things of love. The celestial things of love are the essentials themselves, and everything else comes from these. It was with celestial things that He was endowed first of all, for it was from these as from its seed that all else was then made fruitful. With Him the seed itself was celestial, for He was born from Jehovah, and therefore He alone has had that seed within Himself. All others, without exception, have no other seed than what is filthy and of hell, in which their proprium consists and from which it is derived; and this comes with that which is inherited from the father, as is well known to everyone. Consequently unless they receive from the Lord a new seed and a new proprium, that is, a new will and a new understanding, they are inevitably consigned to hell, a place from which all, not only men but also spirits and angels, are being pulled out and constantly withheld by the Lord.

(Odkazy: Genesis 12:5)

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From Swedenborg's Works

Inbound References:

Arcana Coelestia 3373

Heaven and Hell 86

The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine 298

Thanks to the Swedenborg Society for the permission to use this translation.