Izlazak 39:28

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28 I kapu od tankog platna, i kapice kićene od tankog platna, i gaće platnene od tankog platna uzvedenog;

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Arcana Coelestia # 9827

Arcana Coelestia (Elliott translation)      

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9827. 'And a turban' means intelligence and wisdom. This is clear from the meaning of 'a turban' as intelligence and wisdom. 'A turban' has this meaning because it is a covering for the head, and 'the head' means a person's inward powers, which are those of intelligence and wisdom, 9656. All items of clothing derive their meaning from that part of the body which they cover, as for example with an item of clothing that covers the breast, such as a breastplate; those that cover the loins, such as trousers; those that cover the feet, such as stockings; those that cover the soles of the feet, such as sandals; and so also one that covers the head, such as a turban, headdress, or cap.

[2] The truth of all this is clear from representatives in the next life. There, when wisdom and intelligence are taken away from spirits, which happens when angelic communities are removed from them, the covering on their head is seen to be taken away from them. Once this has been done a spirit becomes stupid, devoid of any perception of what is true and good. But afterwards, as intelligence and wisdom return, his head is covered again. But items of clothing on the head there mean not so much wisdom belonging to good as intelligence belonging to truth. The turban that belonged to Aaron however means wisdom as well, since it was made from fine linen, and a holy crown was placed on it, which was a plate made from pure gold, on which Holiness to Jehovah was engraved, described further on in verses 37, 39, of the present chapter, and also Exodus 29:6; 39:28. But the turban of [ordinary] linen, and the rest of the garments of [such] linen which were also Aaron's, meant intelligence belonging to truth, but not wisdom belonging to good. Regarding those garments and that turban, see Leviticus 16:4; Ezekiel 44:18. For 'linen' or 'flax' means truth in the natural level of a person's mind, 7601, so that 'a turban of [ordinary] linen' means intelligence there.

(Odkazy: Exodus 28:36-38)

[3] People who have no knowledge of the nature of representatives and correspondences can scarcely be brought to believe that such things are meant. But let them weigh up this, that in heaven spiritual realities are envisaged instead of natural things, so that instead of a turban, and in general instead of garments, such things are envisaged as belong to intelligence and wisdom, also to faith and love, in general such as belong to truth and goodness. For all these are spiritual, since heaven is a spiritual world. Let them also weigh up this, that it was Jehovah on Mount Sinai who described and decreed what Aaron's garments should be, which being so, every detail of the description holds within itself the Divine Celestial, which is disclosed solely by means of knowledge about correspondences and representatives.

(Odkazy: Exodus 28:4)

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