ယေဇကျေလ 43:20

Myanmar/Burmese: Judson (1835)     

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20 နွားအသွေးအချို့ကိုယူ၍ ယဇ်ပလ္လင်ဦးချို လေးချောင်း၊ အထစ်လေးထောင့်၊ အနားပတ်ကိုလူးသော အားဖြင့် သန့်ရှင်းစင်ကြယ်စေရမည်။

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Bloods signify evil, in Ezek. 16:9.

The number "four" in the Bible represents things being linked together or joined. This is partly because four is two times two, and two represents...




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The first altar mentioned in the Word was built by Noah after he came out of the ark. On that altar, he sacrificed clean animals to the Lord. Mountains represent the Lord becase they are high, and we must raise our thoughts above worldly things when "talking" with the Lord. An altar is a small artificial mountain but when used in worship can call to mind this raising of thought, and the fire and smoke is sent up which symbolically is sent to the Lord. Most altars were made from unhewn stones. Stones represent truths and stones that have not been shaped by men represent truths from the Word, truths that have not been adulterated. The clean beasts represent good things, charitable acts done because they are right, and the clean birds represent thoughts about doctrine and actions, and about what is right. So presenting these things is an acknowledgment that we have them from the Lord, and thank Him for them.

In the Israelitish Tabernacle, the Altar of burnt offering represented the acknowledgment of good and the altar of incense that of truth. For this reason this larger altar, which was outside by the door, was made of brass which signifies natural good, and the altar of incense was made of gold which signifies love to the Lord from whom comes truth.

(Odkazy: Arcana Coelestia 921, 1298, Arcana Coelestia 1298 [2], [3], 10177)



Man (male)      

Napsal(a) New Christian Bible Study Staff

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by Claude Lefebvre

The relationship between men and women is deep and nuanced, and one entire book of the Writings – Conjugial Love or Love in Marriage – is devoted to the subject. So we can hardly offer a full explanation here.

In a very general sense, though, the Writings say that men are creatures of intellect, driven by the love of growing wise; women, meanwhile are creations of affection, driven by the love of wisdom and the good that wisdom can do. They are formed this way to reflect the Lord’s Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, and so that they can form marriages  that reflect the unity of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom.

Marking differences between men and women can be a touchy thing, but realistically it’s easy to see that men tend to love acquiring knowledge whether it has any practical application or not. Many of them can spout out sports statistics or hold court on the workings of the internal combustion engine, even though it is knowledge they are not likely to ever use. They find such knowledge interesting for its own sake.

It follows, then, that when the Bible speaks of men, the men represent facts, ideas, knowledge, truth, intellect and wisdom – or in the negative sense falsity, twisted logic, and reasoning that is devoid of concern for others.

(Odkazy: Arcana Coelestia 476, 1499, 1600, 2382, 2731, 4478, 8337, 8596, 8994; Heaven and Hell 368, 369)