Ezekiel 43:12

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12 တောင်ထိပ်ပေါ်မှာတည်သော အိမ်တော်၏ ကရားဟူမူကား၊ အိမ်တော်နယ်နိမိတ်ရှိသမျှတို့သည် အလွန်သန့်ရှင်းရကြမည်။ ဤရွေ့ကား၊ အိမ်တော်၏ တရားပေတည်း။

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Word/Phrase Explanations

'Hills' signify the good of charity.

A "house" is essentially a container - for a person, for a family, for several families or even for a large group with shared interests...

A border as in Isaiah 54:12 signifies the scientific and sensual principle. "And thou shalt make unto it a border of an hand-breath round about."...




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The first altar mentioned in the Word was built by Noah after he came out of the ark. On that altar, he sacrificed clean animals to the Lord. Mountains represent the Lord becase they are high, and we must raise our thoughts above worldly things when "talking" with the Lord. An altar is a small artificial mountain but when used in worship can call to mind this raising of thought, and the fire and smoke is sent up which symbolically is sent to the Lord. Most altars were made from unhewn stones. Stones represent truths and stones that have not been shaped by men represent truths from the Word, truths that have not been adulterated. The clean beasts represent good things, charitable acts done because they are right, and the clean birds represent thoughts about doctrine and actions, and about what is right. So presenting these things is an acknowledgment that we have them from the Lord, and thank Him for them.

In the Israelitish Tabernacle, the Altar of burnt offering represented the acknowledgment of good and the altar of incense that of truth. For this reason this larger altar, which was outside by the door, was made of brass which signifies natural good, and the altar of incense was made of gold which signifies love to the Lord from whom comes truth.

(Odkazy: Arcana Coelestia 921, 1298, Arcana Coelestia 1298 [2], [3], 10177)

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Scriptural Confirmations # 53

Scriptural Confirmations (Whitehead translation)      

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53. 25. A day of cloud and thick darkness (Ezekiel 34:12).

(I will make Mount Seir and the cities thereof into a waste and devastation, into a waste of eternity (Ezekiel 35:3-4, 7, 9, 12, 14-15).

Then the cities shall be inhabited, and the wastes shall be built (Ezekiel 36:10).

When I shall sanctify Myself among you, then I will give you a new heart, and I will give a new spirit in the midst of you and I will take away the heart of stone, and will give you a heart of flesh, and I will give a new spirit in your midst, and ye shall be My people, and I will be your God (Ezekiel 36:23, 26-28).

In the day that I have cleansed you from all your iniquities, I will make you to dwell in cities, and the waste places shall be built; they shall say, This land that was devastated is become as the garden of Eden, and the desolate and devastated cities are fortified and inhabited (Ezekiel 36:33-38).

Behold I will open your graves and cause you to come up out of your graves, O my people, and I will lead you upon the land of Israel, and I will put my spirit in you that ye may live (Ezekiel 37:12-14). Concerning the dry bones: by the inflowing of the breath among them, and their living again, regeneration is described.

After many days thou shalt be visited, and in the latter days they shall come upon the land that was made a waste (Ezekiel 38:8, 16).

They shall bury Gog in the day in which I shall be glorified (Ezekiel 39:11-12, 13). Gog is one who is in external worship, but not in internal.

Of the great sacrifices upon the mountains of Israel, and that thus He will set His glory among the nations that they may know that Jehovah is their God from that day, and hence-forward (Ezekiel 39:17-22).

Of the New Church which is described by many things in Ezekiel 40-48: of the city which is the New Jerusalem, and of its gates (40): of the temple, etc. (41): of the court and of the chambers there (42): of the eastern gate where the glory of the God of Israel is seen, and of His worship (43): next of His worship and of ministration (44): of the statutes for the prince (45, 46): of waters from the house (47) of the allotment of the land according to tribes (47, 48). That the name of the city is, Jehovah there (48:35).

(Odkazy: Ezekiel 39:11-13, 40:1, 41:1, 42:1, 43:1, 44:1, 45:1, 46:1, 47:1, 48:1)

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