Exodus 39

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1 De hyacintho vero et purpura, vermiculo ac bysso, fecit vestes, quibus indueretur Aaron quando ministrabat in sanctis, sicut præcepit Dominus Moysi.

2 Fecit igitur superhumerale de auro, hyacintho, et purpura, coccoque bis tincto, et bysso retorta,

3 opere polymitario : inciditque bracteas aureas, et extenuavit in fila, ut possent torqueri cum priorum colorum subtegmine,

4 duasque oras sibi invicem copulatas in utroque latere summitatum,

5 et balteum ex eisdem coloribus, sicut præceperat Dominus Moysi.

6 Paravit et duos lapides onychinos, astrictos et inclusos auro, et sculptos arte gemmaria nominibus filiorum Israël :

7 posuitque eos in lateribus superhumeralis in monimentum filiorum Israël, sicut præceperat Dominus Moysi.

8 Fecit et rationale opere polymito juxta opus superhumeralis, ex auro, hyacintho, purpura, coccoque bis tincto, et bysso retorta :

9 quadrangulum, duplex, mensuræ palmi.

10 Et posuit in eo gemmarum ordines quatuor. In primo versu erat sardius, topazius, smaragdus.

11 In secundo, carbunculus, sapphirus, et jaspis.

12 In tertio, ligurius, achates, et amethystus.

13 In quarto, chrysolithus, onychinus, et beryllus, circumdati et inclusi auro per ordines suos.

14 Ipsique lapides duodecim sculpti erant nominibus duodecim tribuum Israël, singuli per nomina singulorum.

15 Fecerunt in rationali et catenulas sibi invicem cohærentes, de auro purissimo :

16 et duos uncinos, totidemque annulos aureos. Porro annulos posuerunt in utroque latere rationalis,

17 e quibus penderent duæ catenæ aureæ, quas inseruerunt uncinis, qui in superhumeralis angulis eminebant.

18 Hæc et ante et retro ita conveniebant sibi, ut superhumerale et rationale mutuo necterentur,

19 stricta ad balteum et annulis fortius copulata, quos jungebat vitta hyacinthina, ne laxa fluerent, et a se invicem moverentur, sicut præcepit Dominus Moysi.

20 Feceruntque quoque tunicam superhumeralis totam hyacinthinam,

21 et capitium in superiori parte contra medium, oramque per gyrum capitii textilem :

22 deorsum autem ad pedes mala punica ex hyacintho, purpura, vermiculo, ac bysso retorta :

23 et tintinnabula de auro purissimo, quæ posuerunt inter malogranata, in extrema parte tunicæ per gyrum :

24 tintinnabulum autem aureum, et malum punicum, quibus ornatus incedebat pontifex quando ministerio fungebatur, sicut præceperat Dominus Moysi.

25 Fecerunt et tunicas byssinas opere textili Aaron et filiis ejus :

26 et mitras cum coronulis suis ex bysso :

27 feminalia quoque linea, byssina :

28 cingulum vero de bysso retorta, hyacintho, purpura, ac vermiculo bis tincto, arte plumaria, sicut præceperat Dominus Moysi.

29 Fecerunt et laminam sacræ venerationis de auro purissimo, scripseruntque in ea opere gemmario, Sanctum Domini :

30 et strinxerunt eam cum mitra vitta hyacinthina, sicut præceperat Dominus Moysi.

31 Perfectum est igitur omne opus tabernaculi et tecti testimonii : feceruntque filii Israël cuncta quæ præceperat Dominus Moysi.

32 Et obtulerunt tabernaculum et tectum et universam supellectilem, annulos, tabulas, vectes, columnas ac bases,

33 opertorium de pellibus arietum rubricatis, et aliud operimentum de janthinis pellibus,

34 velum ; arcam, vectes, propitiatorium,

35 mensam cum vasis suis et propositionis panibus ;

36 candelabrum, lucernas, et utensilia earum cum oleo ;

37 altare aureum, et unguentum, et thymiama ex aromatibus,

38 et tentorium in introitu tabernaculi ;

39 altare æneum, retiaculum, vectes, et vasa ejus omnia ; labrum cum basi sua ; tentoria atrii, et columnas cum basibus suis ;

40 tentorium in introitu atrii, funiculosque illius et paxillos. Nihil ex vasis defuit, quæ in ministerium tabernaculi, et in tectum fœderis jussa sunt fieri.

41 Vestes quoque, quibus sacerdotes utuntur in sanctuario, Aaron scilicet et filii ejus,

42 obtulerunt filii Israël, sicut præceperat Dominus.

43 Quæ postquam Moyses cuncta vidit completa, benedixit eis.

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'Scarlet,' as in Isaiah 1:18, signifies truth derived from good, or truth from a celestial origin, such as is the truth of the Word in...

Aaron was the brother of Moses. He symbolizes two things, one during the first part of the exodus, when he was Moses' spokesperson, and another...

To command is to give an order that something must be done, and is directed to an individual, or a group. It is an imperative,...

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

'Works,' as in Genesis 46:33, denote goods, because they are from the will, and anything from the will is either good or evil, but anything...

coccoque bis tincto
'Scarlet,' as in Isaiah 1:18, signifies truth derived from good, or truth from a celestial origin, such as is the truth of the Word in...

bis tincto
'Scarlet,' as in Isaiah 1:18, signifies truth derived from good, or truth from a celestial origin, such as is the truth of the Word in...

'Square' signifies righteousness.

Emerald, purple, broidered-work, fine linen, coral, and agate (Ezek. 27:16), signify the knowledges of good.

'Beryl,' as in Daniel 10:6, signifies the good of charity and faith. Beryl is a sparkling precious stone.

In general, 'the twelve tribes' signify every aspect of the doctrine of truth and good, or of faith and love. Truth and good, or faith...

It's easy to see that names are important in the Bible. Jehovah changed Abram and Sarai to Abraham and Sarah, changed Jacob to Israel and...

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In most cases, the meaning of "before" is pretty straightforward, both as a way of assessing relative time, and in its use meaning "in someone's...

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Instruments of music,' according to correspondences, signify the pleasant and delightful affection of spiritual and celestial things. Therefore, also in many of the Psalms of...

A nail,' as in Zechariah 10:4, signifies truth supporting.

Priests' represent the Lord regarding His divine good. When they do not acknowledge the Lord, they lose their signification of the Lord.

A child is a young boy or girl in the care of parents, older than a suckling or an infant, but not yet an adolescent....

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In general, 'the twelve tribes' signify every aspect of the doctrine of truth and good, or of faith and love. Truth and good, or faith and love, constitute the Lord’s kingdom, because the elements of truth or faith are the whole of thought in it, and the elements of good or love are the whole of affection. As the Jewish church was instituted to represent the Lord’s kingdom, the divisions of the people into twelve tribes had this significance. This is an arcanum which has not been discovered before now (the volumes of Arcana Coelestia were published from 1749 to 1756).

(Odkazy: Arcana Coelestia 3859)

Three first tribes of Israel, Judah, Reuben, and Gad, signify love to the Lord. Asher, Naphtali, and Manasseh signify charity towards our neighbor. Simeon, Levi, and Issachar signify the obedience of faith. The last three tribes, Zebulon, Joseph, and Benjamin, named in this order, signify the conjunction of all the above with the Lord. Their significances are according to the order in which they are named in Revelation 7.

(Odkazy: Revelation 7; The Apocalypse Explained 438)