Amos 3:9

Italian: Riveduta Bible (1927)         

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9 Proclamate questo sui palazzi d’Asdod e sui palazzi del paese d’Egitto; dite: "Adunatevi sui monti di Samaria, e vedete che grandi disordini esistono in mezzo ad essa, e quali oppressioni han luogo nel suo seno".

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Exploring the Meaning of Amos 3      

Napsal(a) Rev. George McCurdy and Rev. Martin Pennington

A church cannot serve two masters. It cannot peacefully coexist with truths and falsities. To want to live with both and to seek a compromise will cause the church to be laid to waste. The church will perish, and the goods and truths of the Word will be taken away from it.


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The Inner Meaning of the Prophets and Psalms 203

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'A palace,' as in Psalm 144:12, represents the understanding in which truths have a beautiful form. They have a beautiful form when they are from...

'Mizraim' signifies the same thing as Egypt.

'Hills' signify the good of charity.

'Samaria,' as in Amos 4:1. 6:1, signifies the spiritual church perverted.

'Middle' denotes what is primary, principal, or inmost.



2 Pietro 1:21

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21 poiché non è dalla volontà dell’uomo che venne mai alcuna profezia, ma degli uomini hanno parlato da parte di Dio, perché sospinti dallo Spirito Santo.

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Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

There are two aspects to the life of each person. We might call them "heart" and "mind," a part of us that wants and feels...

'Saints' mean people governed by truths from the Lord through the Word.



2 Re 6:33

Italian: Riveduta Bible (1927)         

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33 Egli parlava ancora con essi, quand’ecco scendere verso di lui il messo. E il re disse: "Ecco, questo male vien dall’Eterno; che ho io più da sperar dall’Eterno?"

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"Down" is used many different ways in natural language, and its spiritual meaning in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Phrases like "bowing down,"...

As with many common verbs, the meaning of “to say” in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Who is speaking? Who is hearing? What...

'To hurt,' as mentioned in Revelation 6:6, signifies violation and profanation. 'To hurt' as mentioned in Revelation 9:4, signifies perverting the truths and goods of...

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