1 Samuel 27

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1 Ειπε δε ο Δαβιδ εν τη καρδια αυτου, Θελω βεβαιως απολεσθη μιαν ημεραν δια χειρος του Σαουλ· δεν ειναι τι καλητερον δι' εμε, παρα να διασωθω ταχεως εις την γην των Φιλισταιων· τοτε απ' εμου ο Σαουλ απελπισθεις, θελει παραιτηθη απο του να με ζητη πλεον εις παντα τα ορια του Ισραηλ· ουτω θελω σωθη εκ της χειρος αυτου.

2 Και εσηκωθη ο Δαβιδ και διεβη, αυτος και οι εξακοσιοι ανδρες οι μετ' αυτου, προς τον Αγχους υιον του Μαωχ, βασιλεα της Γαθ.

3 Και εκαθησεν ο Δαβιδ μετα του Αγχους εν Γαθ, αυτος και οι ανδρες αυτου, εκαστος μετα της οικογενειας αυτου, και ο Δαβιδ μετα των δυο γυναικων αυτου, Αχινοαμ της Ιεζραηλιτιδος και Αβιγαιας της Καρμηλιτιδος γυναικος του Ναβαλ.

4 Ανηγγελθη δε προς τον Σαουλ οτι εφυγεν ο Δαβιδ εις Γαθ. οθεν δεν εζητησε πλεον αυτον.

5 Και ειπεν ο Δαβιδ προς τον Αγχους, Εαν ευρηκα τωρα χαριν εις τους οφθαλμους σου, ας μοι δοθη τοπος εις τινα των πολεων της εξοχης, δια να καθησω εκει· διοτι πως να καθηται ο δουλος σου μετα σου εν τη βασιλευουση πολει;

6 Και εδωκεν εις αυτον ο Αγχους την Σικλαγ κατ' εκεινην την ημεραν· δια τουτο η Σικλαγ εμεινεν εις τους βασιλεις του Ιουδα μεχρι της σημερον.

7 Ο δε αριθμος των ημερων, τας οποιας ο Δαβιδ εκαθησεν εν τη γη των Φιλισταιων, εγεινεν εν ετος και τεσσαρες μηνες.

8 Ανεβαινε δε ο Δαβιδ και οι ανδρες αυτου και εκαμνον εισδρομας εις τους Γεσσουριτας και Γεζραιους και Αμαληκιτας· διοτι ουτοι ησαν εκ παλαιου οι κατοικοι της γης, κατα την εισοδον Σουρ και εως της γης Αιγυπτου.

9 Και εκτυπα ο Δαβιδ την γην και δεν αφινε ζωντα ουτε ανδρα ουτε γυναικα· και ελαμβανε προβατα και βοας και ονους και καμηλους και ενδυματα· και επιστρεφων ηρχετο προς τον Αγχους.

10 Και ελεγεν ο Αγχους προς τον Δαβιδ, που εκαμετε εισδρομην σημερον; Και απεκρινετο ο Δαβιδ, προς το μεσημβρινον του Ιουδα και προς το μεσημβρινον των Ιεραμεηλιτων και προς το μεσημβρινον των Κεναιων.

11 Και ουτε ανδρα ουτε γυναικα δεν αφινε ζωντα ο Δαβιδ, δια να φερη ειδησιν εις Γαθ, λεγων, Μηποτε αναγγειλωσιν εναντιον ημων, λεγοντες, Ουτω καμνει ο Δαβιδ και τοιουτος ειναι ο τροπος αυτου, καθ' ολας τας ημερας οσας καθηται εν τη γη των Φιλισταιων.

12 Και επιστευεν ο Αγχους τον Δαβιδ, λεγων, Αυτος εκαμεν εαυτον διολου μισητον εις τον λαον αυτου τον Ισραηλ· δια τουτο θελει εισθαι δουλος εις εμε παντοτε.

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1928. 'Near the spring on the road to Shur' means that this truth was an assemblage of things which come from facts. This is clear from the meaning of 'a spring', also from that of 'a road', as well as from the meaning of 'Shur'. 'A spring', as has been stated, means truth; 'a road' means that which leads to truth and which comes from truth, as shown already in 627; while 'Shur' means factual knowledge such as is still in the desert so to speak, that is, which has not yet acquired any life. Truths that come from facts are said to acquire life when they ally or associate themselves with truths into which the celestial element of love is flowing, the source of the actual life of truth. Real things, and thus truths, exist joined together in the way that communities in heaven are joined together, to which communities they also correspond; for interiorly man is a kind of miniature heaven. Real things, or truths, which do not exist joined together in accordance with the form which heavenly communities possess have not as yet acquired any life; for prior to this the celestial element of love from the Lord cannot fittingly flow in. They first receive life when a similar form exists on both sides, that is, when the miniature heaven in man is a corresponding image of the Grand [Man]. Prior to that nobody can be called a heaven-like man.

[2] The Lord, who from Himself was to govern the whole of heaven, imposed such order while He was in the world on the truths and goods present with His External Man, that is, with His Human Essence. But because He perceived that such order did not exist with His rational conceived first, as was stated above at verses 4 and 5, He thought about and perceived the reason why. This was that natural truths arising from facts did not as yet have any life in them, that is, that heavenly order had not been imposed on them. Furthermore truths of faith never possess any life unless a person is leading a charitable life, charity being that form from which all truths of faith flow, and that in which they inhere; and when they inhere in and flow from charity they possess life. It is in charity that life resides, never in truths devoid of charity.

(Odkazy: Genesis 16:4-5)

[3] That 'Shur' means factual knowledge that as yet has not acquired life is clear from the meaning of this name. Shur was a desert not far from the Sea Suph, and so lay in the direction of Egypt, as is clear in Moses,

Moses made Israel journey from the Sea Suph, and they went out to the desert of Shur; from there they went three days in the desert, and did not find any water. Exodus 15:22.

That it lay in the direction of Egypt is again clear in Moses where the descendants of Ishmael are the subject,

They dwelt from Havilah to Shur, which is opposite Egypt. 1 Genesis 25:18.

And in Samuel,

Saul defeated Amalek from Havilah as you come to Shur, which is opposite Egypt'. 1 1 Samuel 15:7.

And elsewhere in 1 Samuel,

David spread out against the Geshurites, and the Gizrites, and the Amalekites, who inhabited the land from of old, as you come to Shur and as far as the land of Egypt. 1 Samuel 27:8.

These quotations show that 'Shur' means primary factual knowledge, in particular such as is still in the desert, that is, not yet joined to all the rest in accordance with the form which heavenly communities possess, for 'Egypt' which it was opposite 2 means knowledge in every sense, as shown already in 1164, 1165, 1186, 1462.


1. literally, towards the faces of Egypt

2. literally, towards the face of which it was


(Odkazy: Arcana Coelestia 1156, 1164-1165, Genesis 16:7)

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