Jeremiah 48:30


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30 Mi konas, diras la Eternulo, lian koleremecon, la nesincerecon de liaj vortoj kaj la nesincerecon de liaj agoj.

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This World War I poster shows the nations allied against the Axis countries.

Generally in the Bible a "country" means a political subdivision ruled by a king, or sometimes a tribe with a territory ruled by a king or chieftain. Others are what we now call city-states, with surrounding farm areas. In almost all cases these countries were far smaller than our modern idea of countries, though Egypt and Assyria would be exceptions. Sometimes the word is used as countryside, a wide area with no consideration of boundaries as when the twelve Israelites were sent to spy out the country.

(Odkazy: Arcana Coelestia 3816 [3], 6818, 6820, 6821; Charity 83, 85; True Christian Religion 305)