Exodus 11


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1 Derpå sagde HE EN til Moses: "Een Plage endnu vil jeg lade komme over Farao og Ægypterne, og efter den skal han lade eder rejse herfra; ja, når han lader eder rejse med alt, hvad I har, skal han endog drive eder herfra!

2 Sig nu til Folket, at hver Mand skal bede sin Nabo, og hver Kvinde sin Naboerske om Sølv og Guld smykker!"

3 Og HE EN stemte Ægypterne gunstigt imod Folket, og desuden var den Mand Moses højt anset i Ægypten både hos Faraos Tjenere og hos Folket.

4 Moses sagde: "Så siger HE EN: Ved Midnatstid vil jeg drage igennem Ægypten,

5 og så skal alle førstefødte i Ægypten , lige fra den førstefødte hos Farao, der skal arve hans Trone, til den førstefødte hos Trælkvinden, der arbejder ved Håndkværnen, og alt det førstefødte af Kvæget.

6 Da skal der i hele Ægypten lyde et Klageskrig så stort, at dets Lige aldrig har været hørt og aldrig mere skal høres.

7 Men end ikke en Hund skal bjæffe ad nogen af Israeliterne, hverken ad Folk eller Fæ for at du kan kende, at HE EN gør Skel mellem Ægypterne og Israel.

8 Da skal alle dine Tjenere der komme ned til mig og kaste sig til Jorden for mig og sige: Drag dog bort med alt det Folk, der følger dig! Og så vil jeg drage bort !" Og han gik ud fra Farao med fnysende Vrede.

9 Men HE EN sagde til Moses: "Farao skal ikke høre på eder, for at mine Undergerninger kan blive talrige i Ægypten."

10 Og Moses og Aron gjorde alle disse Undergerninger i Faraos Påsyn, men HE EN forhærdede Faraos Hjerte, så han ikke lod Israeliterne drage ud af sit Land.

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Arcana Coelestia # 7790

Arcana Coelestia (Elliott translation)      

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7790. 'And after that I will go out' means that God's truth will depart. This is clear from the meaning of 'going out' as departing; and from the representation of 'Moses' as God's truth. These words mean that when those who have molested the upright are damned all God's truth departs from them, for then their state is one in which their own evil reigns, and evil rejects and eliminates all God's truth. Previously, before they were damned, they were, it is true, acquainted with the truths of faith; but even so, they did not have truths within themselves. Truths were on their lips but not in their hearts. Consequently, when they underwent vastation of those truths evil remained, and the falsity of evil that had lain concealed within them emerged at the same time also. For although they declared a belief in truths they were not guided by them but by falsities. Their declaration of belief in what is true did not spring from its proper origin - from good - but from evil; for gain, important positions, and reputation, and so self and the world, were the reasons for its existence with them. Truths which spring from that kind of origin cling to the surface, and therefore, when they are laid waste, they fall off like scales; and when they fall off they leave behind places with a terrible, rotten stink because of the falsities that emanate from the evils there. Such is the fate of those who have been acquainted with the truths of faith and yet have led a life contrary to them, as accords with the Lord's words in Luke,

That servant who knows the Lord's will, but neither prepares himself nor does his will, will be beaten with many [blows]. But he who does not know, although he does things worthy of blows, will be beaten with few. Luke 12:47-48.

(Odkazy: Exodus 11:8)

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