以西结书 23:39

Chinese: Union (Simplified)         

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39 他们杀了儿女献与偶像,当又入我的圣所,将圣所亵渎了。他们在我殿中所行的乃是如此。

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Idols of stone signify worship from falsities of doctrine. Idols of wood signify worship from evils of doctrine. Idols of silver signify worship from what...

The expression 'even to this day' or 'today' sometimes appears in the Word, as in Genesis 19:37-38, 22:14, 26:33, 32:32, 35:20, and 47:26. In a...




Napsal(a) Joe David

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Jerusalem first comes to or attention in II Samuel, chapter 5 where King David takes it from the Jebusites and makes it his capital. In the next chapter he brings the Ark of the Covenant there, and later it is where Solomon builds the temple, and his own palace. From then on Jerusalem is the center of worship of the Israelitish church. It is the place where the Lord was presented in the temple as a baby, where He tarried to talk to the priests at age twelve, where He cleansed the temple, had the last supper, was crucified and then rose. It is a central place in both the old and new Testaments.

The city of Jerusalem was built on Mount Zion, the highest point of the mountains of Judea. A city in the Word represents doctrine, the organized knowledge of the truths of the church. Mountains represent love of the Lord and the consequent worship. Jersualem on Mount Zion signifies the doctrine of love to the Lord, and how it governs your life.

This is why David was led to make Jerusalem the most important city of the land, and why all worship was conducted there. And this is also why Jeroboam was condemned for introducing idol worship in Samaria.

In the Book of Revelation, John’s vision of the city New Jerusalem descending from God is a prophecy of a new dispensation of doctrine coming from the Lord, some of which you may read in the references list below.

(Odkazy: Arcana Coelestia 4539, 8938; The Apocalypse Explained 365 [35-38])




Napsal(a) New Christian Bible Study Staff

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These days we tend to think of "roads" as smooth swaths of pavement, and judge them by how fast we can drive cars on them. A "path" is something much different, suitable only for walking or maybe bicycles, and a "way" has more to do with giving directions than any physical reality. When we get "lost" it usually means we're in a car on an unfamiliar road – a far cry from being in the middle of a trackless wilderness with no idea which direction to go.

The ancient world was much different, with isolated towns and endless square miles of trackless wilderness. Then a "way" was a set of landmarks to follow to get from one place to another through the wilderness. A "path" was a way used enough to leave a visible trace on the ground, and a "road" was a heavily used path, easily followed and easily walked.

So it makes sense that when used in the Bible, all three terms represent guiding truth, ideas that lead us where we want to go. This is easily pictured in the modern use of "way" – when we talk about the "way" to do something or the "way" to get somewhere or praise somebody by saying "way to go!" we're talking about the correct, best, most efficient method of doing something or getting somewhere. And it's good information – truth – that helps us find that best way.

(Odkazy: Arcana Coelestia 627, 1928, 2333, 6398, 9212 [6], 10422)