Genesis 9

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1 وبارك الله نوحا وبنيه وقال لهم اثمروا واكثروا واملأوا الارض.

2 ولتكن خشيتكم ورهبتكم على كل حيوانات الارض وكل طيور السماء. مع كل ما يدبّ على الارض وكل اسماك البحر قد دفعت الى ايديكم.

3 كل دابة حية تكون لكم طعاما. كالعشب الاخضر دفعت اليكم الجميع.

4 غير ان لحما بحياته دمه لا تاكلوه.

5 واطلب انا دمكم لانفسكم فقط. من يد كل حيوان اطلبه. ومن يد الانسان اطلب نفس الانسان. من يد الانسان اخيه.

6 سافك دم الانسان بالانسان يسفك دمه. لان الله على صورته عمل الانسان.

7 فاثمروا انتم واكثروا وتوالدوا في الارض وتكاثروا فيها

8 وكلم الله نوحا وبنيه معه قائلا.

9 وها انا مقيم ميثاقي معكم ومع نسلكم من بعدكم.

10 ومع كل ذوات الانفس الحيّة التي معكم. الطيور والبهائم وكل وحوش الارض التي معكم من جميع الخارجين من الفلك حتى كل حيوان الارض.

11 اقيم ميثاقي معكم فلا ينقرض كل ذي جسد ايضا بمياه الطوفان. ولا يكون ايضا طوفان ليخرب الارض.

12 وقال الله هذه علامة الميثاق الذي انا واضعه بيني وبينكم وبين كل ذوات الانفس الحيّة التي معكم الى اجيال الدهر.

13 وضعت قوسي في السحاب فتكون علامة ميثاق بيني وبين الارض.

14 فيكون متى انشر سحابا على الارض وتظهر القوس في السحاب

15 اني اذكر ميثاقي الذي بيني وبينكم وبين كل نفس حيّة في كل جسد. فلا تكون ايضا المياه طوفانا لتهلك كل ذي جسد.

16 فمتى كانت القوس في السحاب ابصرها لاذكر ميثاقا ابديا بين الله وبين كل نفس حيّة في كل جسد على الارض.

17 وقال الله لنوح هذه علامة الميثاق الذي انا اقمته بيني وبين كل ذي جسد على الارض

18 وكان بنو نوح الذين خرجوا من الفلك ساما وحاما ويافث. وحام هو ابو كنعان.

19 هؤلاء الثلاثة هم بنو نوح. ومن هؤلاء تشعبت كل الارض

20 وابتدأ نوح يكون فلاحا وغرس كرما.

21 وشرب من الخمر فسكر وتعرّى داخل خبائه.

22 فابصر حام ابو كنعان عورة ابيه واخبر اخويه خارجا.

23 فأخذ سام ويافث الرداء ووضعاه على اكتافهما ومشيا الى الوراء وسترا عورة ابيهما ووجهاهما الى الوراء. فلم يبصرا عورة ابيهما.

24 فلما استيقظ نوح من خمره علم ما فعل به ابنه الصغير.

25 فقال ملعون كنعان. عبد العبيد يكون لاخوته.

26 وقال مبارك الرب اله سام. وليكن كنعان عبدا لهم.

27 ليفتح الله ليافث فيسكن في مساكن سام. وليكن كنعان عبدا لهم

28 وعاش نوح بعد الطوفان ثلث مئة وخمسين سنة.

29 فكانت كل ايام نوح تسع مئة وخمسين سنة ومات

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Arcana Coelestia # 1083

Arcana Coelestia (Elliott translation)      

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1083. That 'Shem' means the internal Church, 'Japheth' the external Church corresponding to it, has been discussed already. Where the Church exists it must necessarily possess an internal aspect and an external; for a human being, who is the Church, is both internal and external. Before he becomes the Church, that is, before he has been regenerated, he is engrossed in things that are external. But when undergoing regeneration he is led away from external things - or rather by means of external things - towards internal, as stated and shown already. But once he has been regenerated, all things that belong to the internal man are encompassed in the things that are external. Thus every Church must necessarily be internal and external, as the Ancient Church was, and as the Christian Church is today.

[2] The internal aspects of the Ancient Church comprised all things that belong to charity and to faith deriving from charity, all humbleness, all worship of the Lord that stems from charity, every good affection towards the neighbour, and other aspects like these. The external features of that Church were sacrifices, drink-offerings, and much else, all of which, by means of representation, were directed to the Lord and had regard to Him. Consequently things of an internal nature existed within those that were external and made a single Church. The internal features of the Christian Church are just the same as the internal features of the Ancient Church, but different externals have ensued. That is to say, instead of sacrifices and the like, [the Christian Church] has sacraments which in a similar way have regard to the Lord. So in the Christian Church also things that are internal and those that are external make one.

[3] The Ancient Church did not differ in the slightest from the Christian Church as to its internal features, only as to its external. Worship of the Lord that stems from charity cannot possibly be different, no matter how much externals may vary. And since, as stated, no Church can exist unless there is that which is internal and that which is external, the internal without the external would be something unbounded if it were not encompassed by something external. For mankind is such, and indeed the vast majority, that it does not know what the internal man is, and what belongs to the internal man. Without external worship therefore, mankind would have no knowledge at all of what is holy.

[4] As long as these people have charity and consequently conscience, they have internal worship residing with them in their external worship. For the Lord residing with them is at work in charity and in conscience, and He causes all their worship to partake of what is internal. It is otherwise with people who have no charity and consequently no conscience. They are indeed able to have worship in externals, yet it is separated from internal worship, as their faith is separated from charity. Such worship is called 'Canaan' and such faith 'Ham'. And because such worship is the product of separated faith, Ham is called 'the father of Canaan'.

(Odkazy: Genesis 9:23)

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