Spiritual Experiences # 4198

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4198. Those who want to obsess man

There are spirits who in the life of their body had loved the world so much that they preferred it to all things, and at the same time were bent on ruling over others, placing in this the delight of their life, retaining this propensity to their dying hour. These in the other life desire to obsess mankind, or to use man as a means to return into the world, preferring dead and filthy worldly things to spiritual and heavenly ones, which in countless measure surpass worldly ones in perfection.

Therefore, because there are very many such today, they have a new hell, to the left at some distance deep down, that was opened up and viewed by such people, and it was said to be more atrocious than other hells. Some flew out from thence, and it was seen that there was thick darkness, and there were dragons, and snakes.

[2] They are recognized by the fact that when they drift to that place, the point of a spear is brandished toward their left eye, as if it were about to strike it, but it is removed. So the point of the spear is shaken in front of the eye causing terror that it may strike it, then the spear winds around them at the loins, and straightway they are recognized. Moreover, before they arrive there, they appear to be wound around the spear lengthwise. These are the ones who want to return into the world by means of someone on earth, and when they are enabled to some extent to do this, they try to obsess the person, causing the person to undergo dreadful fantasies, and in some cases to induce a violent death upon themselves. 1749, 3 April. 1


1. Astrological symbol of the sun, meaning Sunday.

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