Last Judgement (Chadwick translation)

Toto je překlad: De Ultimo Judicio od Emanuel Swedenborg

Přeloženo do English od John Chadwick


The Apocalypse describes the last judgment. Many interpreters have tried to relate it primarily to worldly events and kingdoms and many Christians are still expecting it to happen at some level. In the Swedenborgian view the last judgment was a set of events that occurred in the spiritual world in 1757. This judgment paved the way for new true Christian ideas to flow from God through heaven to people on earth seeding a new Christian church. In English, this book has been titled The Last Judgment.

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At the end of each spiritual "age" in human history, there's a "last judgment", a spiritual sea change. The First Christian Church had its last judgment in the mid-1700's, clearing the way for newer, more truly Christian ideas to flow in.

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Datum vytvoření: 1992

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